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We’ll come and collect your car - no matter where you are, or what condition it’s in! All you have to do is sit back, relax and feel good about helping out a charity.

We squeeze every penny out of your car by removing parts for re-sale and salvaging the scrap metal, so we can donate as much money as possible to your chosen charity. No matter what state the car’s in, we guarantee that your charity will profit from the donation. It’s as simple as that!

100% of the revenue received
from your car donation goes
to Charity.

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  • Why Donate Your Car?

    • You want to help charities
    • You want to tackle unemployment
    • You believe in going green
    • You just want the old banger gone!
  • Our Customers

    I had an old car that just had to go. Rather than selling it to a scrap merchant, I decided to do something good instead. My car has raised valuable funds for my favourite charity.

About the
Car Donation Network

Car Donation Network is the perfect place to donate your unwanted or scrap car to help a charity of your choice! We don’t pay for scrap cars, so if you’re looking to get a financial return we recommend our sister website Scrap Car Network.

We collect scrap cars in any condition for FREE from anywhere in the UK, sell them (or bits of them!) and make sure that 100% of the profits are donated to charity.

Simply enter your car reg and choose a charity to benefit from your scrap car donation, we’ll arrange collection and handle all DVLA paperwork. No matter where you are in the UK, we can come and get your old four-wheeled friend or scrap car. If it’s in good condition we’ll sell it at auction but if it’s at the end of its life we’ll break it for car parts, helping people on lower incomes to extend the life of their own cars. When required we’ll process and sell the scrap metal with reputable metal recycling partners so that your chosen charity receives a guaranteed donation. Many of the donated cars that we process are dismantled by people who are being supported by charities, which means new skills and employment opportunities. Talk about a win-win situation!

Car Donation Network is the environmentally and socially friendly way to dispose of your scrap car or unwanted vehicle, so why not donate a car today?

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