About Us

So, what is there to say?

Donating a car to charity is easy!
The service makes donating a car easy and lets nice people like you make a donation to charity simply by disposing of your old car with us. Simply book a collection for your car donation, choose a charity to donate to and Car Donation Network will do the rest! We take cars and other vehicles in any condition, even scrap cars and burnt out car shells!

100% of the profit from your car donation goes to charity.
When you donate a car to charity with Car Donation Network, 100% of the profit from your car donation goes to charity. Not only that, if you donate a scrap car we’ll use our environmental expertise to maximise the potential return, so your charity gets the most out of every car that’s donated. And we always keep it legal, using only the most trusted metal recycling facilities.

Car Donation Network is a charity scheme – for charities!
Car Donation Network is just one of a number of ‘Community Dotcom’ schemes and joins Furniture Donation NetworkBulky Waste and Scrap Car Network as a project that generates much-needed funds for charities across the UK. Donating a car to charity with Car Donation Network is the new way to give to charity so, once you’ve booked a collection, give yourself a pat on the back!

Car Donation Network is more than a straightforward recycling initiative…
Many of the cars that are donated to us are collected, dismantled and processed by volunteers and people being supported by charities. Folks who have fallen on hard times get training, work experience, new skills for their CVs and the support they need to regain their independence.

So remember… when you donate a car to Car Donation Network, we’re not just helping UK charities to raise money. We’re helping vulnerable people, communities, charities and the environment – we couldn’t do it without you, so thank you!

Want to know more about Car Donation Network? Check out our FAQs!